George Bush Junior Visit Albania

George Bush Visit Albania

In 2007 George W Bush Junior, came to Albania for an official visit and George W Bush decided to give to Albanian People a speech in a small town not far from the capital, and all the people were amazed because George W Bush decided to visit this city, why? this city has nothing, is just a normal small town but still thousands of curious people went to this city to see for the first time in Albanian history, a visit of an American president.

For our small country like Albania, the visit of an American president was something big.

This visit was historic and very important because it was the first step in helping the Kosovo people who were suffering from Serbian rule and few years later President Bill Clinton, send US Army to liberate Kosovo from the endless massacres of the Serbian state and Kosovo has historically been part of Albania for centuries, but in 1913, at the London conference, some countries decided to give Kosovo as a gift to Serbia.

A historic and fatal mistake for the people of Kosovo.

As I told you, the visit of an American president to Albania was something big for a small country and what made the news were 3 moments.

First, after George W Bush ended his speech in the city center, he decided to meet people who had come to see him and he decided to shake hands with some of them and a Albanian boy steals his watch ( hahaha) but returns it at the moment and the boy tells George W Bush that; your security is 0.

He confirms this and on the same day dismisses all his security staff by replacing his security with a new staff.

The second moment. After George W Bush meets the people, he decided to have a coffee at one of the bars nearby and its owner changes the name of the bar from the old name to George W Bush Coffee Shop.

George Bush, after finishing his coffee, he decided to visit a bakery shop on the other side of the street and the owner of the bakery shop changed the name from the old name in George W Bush bakery shop. Haha.

Why today this status?

The first reason is that a friend of mine from Ireland. Felicity, who visited Albania few years ago was surprised about the story of this city and the second reason is, today Kosovo celebrates the liberation from Serbia thanks to European and US people.

Bush in Albania

Bush in Fushe Kruja

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