Berat, “the City of One Thousand Windows”

Berat, ``the City of One Thousand Windows``

The Legend of Berat

Once Upon the Time in the city of Berat, lived two brothers remarkable for their bravery and beauty. They were always together, together in war, together in joys and sorrows but one day a tragedy happened. Tomorri, is the name of one of the brothers, accidentally met Osumen, a beautiful girl, the beauty of the earth which disturbed his night’s sleep and changed the rhythm of his life. The next day, the other brother, who was called Shpirag, accidentally saw Osumen on the street and fell madly in love.

Osumia, loved both of them but Osuma did not have the courage to tell the brothers but also her love was so strong for both of them and she could not judge which one she loved more and she thought to met them secretly but she was in big trouble because she had to choose one of the brothers as her future husband. A time passed and the two brothers kept this relationship a secret and from each other but when Tomorri realized that Osuma love his brother Shpiragu, Tomorri could not believe his eyes and went crazy and the sound of his pain and voice, pierced the sky.

Tomorri loved his brother very much and begged to him to give up Osuma but Shpiragu is in the same condition as his brother and could not give up from the girl he loved. When Tomorri heard his brother’s words, he drew his sword and cut his brother to pieces. At the same time Shpiragu reacted and with his sword, stabbed his brother and when Osuma saw her two lovers were killing each other, she came between them to separate but it was not impossible.

God was watching everything and decided to punish all of them and separated the two brothers, turned them into a mountain and transformed Osuma into a rock.

Today the city of Berat is located between two mountains, Tomorri Mountain, which is full with holes from the blows of his brother and Shpiragu Mountain which stands in front of Tomorri Mountain cracked by his brother’s sword and in the middle is the river Osumi which according to the legend, the river was created from the tears of girl, Osuma.

Berat is the oldest city in Albania, 2500 years old and is protected by UNESCO from 2008. A museum city, one of the most visited city in Albania. Berat is also called, the city of 1000 windows. It’s known for its white Ottoman houses and on hilltop, is the Berat Castle, a huge compound now inhabited by townspeople. Within its walls are Byzantine churches, the Red Mosque and the Onufri National Museum, with Christian icons. East is the Ethnographic Museum, in an 18th-century house, displaying traditional crafts and part of a reconstructed medieval bazaar.

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