Albanian Borders

Albanian Borders

A total surface area of 28.748 square kilometers (11,100 sq mi), the country is located in the southeastern part of the Adriatic and the northeastern part of the Ionian Sea, both located within the Mediterranean Sea.

It has a length of borders of about 1,094 kilometers (680 mi), 657 kilometers (408 mi) of which are taken by terrestrial borders, 316 kilometers (196 mi) of shore borders, 48 kilometers (30 mi) river borders and 73 kilometers (45 mi) of lake borders.

Inland water surface is 1,350 square kilometers (520 sq mi), composed by natural lakes 325 square kilometers (125 sq mi), coastal lagoons 130 square kilometers (50 sq mi), artificial lakes 174 square kilometers (67 sq mi) and rivers 721 kilometers (448 mi).

The countries of Montenegro (173 kilometers (107 mi)) and Kosovo (114 kilometers (71 mi)) border the country in the north and northeast, respectively.

A significant portion of this border connects high points and follows mountain ridges through the largely inaccessible Albanian Alps.

The eastern border is shared with North Macedonia, which stretches 151 kilometers (94 mi).

This border is located at the tripoint between Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia passing through the Sharr and Korab Mountains and continues until it reaches Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa.

The southern and southeastern border with Greece is 282 kilometers (175 mi) long.

The border is located at the tripoint border between Albania, North Macedonia, and Greece running across the Large and Small Lake Prespa until it reaches the Ionian Sea at the Strait of Corfu.