Rent a Car in Albania


Albania, or as it is officially known, the Republic of Albania, shares borders with Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece, while the Adriatic and Ionian Seas line its coast. There are many reasons to visit Albania and its highlights with a rental car which can make it even more enjoyable! Take a pleasant drive and experience stunning views such as Vlore-Saranda Mountain Road, or try a more adventurous route to the top of Dajti Mountain. When the landscape isn’t enough for you, a rental car in a city like Tirana will seamlessly bring you from cultural events to historical monuments.


The minimum age to rent a car in Albania is 21 years old. Car Rental age requirements may vary by supplier, and most suppliers charge a local fee called a young driver surcharge for any renters under the age of 25. The young driver surcharge can be expensive in Albania, and can vary between 15-40 euro per day.

Some rental car suppliers in Albania will also have a maximum age limit. Drivers over the age of 70 should pay close attention to age restrictions in the booking process, to be sure they don’t need additional documentation to pick-up their Albania rental car. Renters over the age of 70 should call an Albania Express Travel reservations agent at +355 68 28 26 670 prior to travel.

These are some of our cars

Skoda Fabia

30 Euro per Day

Skoda Octavia

35 Euro per Day