You should never visit Albania, if?

You Should Never Visit Albania If?

– You would see unique places of indescribable beauty.
– You would see wonderful and nice beaches.
– The mountains are very high, who can climb them.
– You would see the findings of the highest known ancient civilization.
– You would have the chance to experience our way of live.
– You would taste our famous Albanian food.
– It’s not like the country even has any history.
– You call that iconography? Albania, please
– Those sunsets are so boring.
– The water is so dirty you can’t even see the dolphins swimming through it.
– A country that has prices like New York or London, haha. Forget it.
100. Finally, you would get addicted and you would feel the need to migrate here, just as many Europeans and other northern-Europeans did. That’s why you should never visit Albania.
– Should you skip Albania?

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